Get rid of that knee pain on your own time! This self-help health course is designed to guide you through the rehabilitation process for knee pain. 
We have broken down the recovery process into four phases. Each phase requires a different focus and different set of exercises to focus on. Stop wasting time looking up videos of a few exercises, and get the entire process from start to finish. 

DIY Knee Rehab

Get started on your recovery

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"I'm here to help you get back to doing what you love. "

Matt Swift, PT, DPT

4 Phases of the Recovery Roadmap

1. Calming Phase

Learn the initial steps needed to calm down the knee and get it out of the inflammatory stage of healing. 

2. Mobility Phase

Discover the specific steps needed to gain pain-free motion. 

3. Strength Phase

Now that you have pain free mobility, it is time to increase your program to build strength and endurance

4. Return to Play

The bets part of all! Get back to doing what you love with a planned progression.

Each Phase Includes


Short Video Lecture

The video lecture give you the purpose of each phase and guide you on the right path. 


Video Exercises

Each phase comes with its own set of exercises to help you meet your goals. Gain access to your program with video explanation of the exercises.


Practical Guidance

Tips on what to focus on in order to achieve your goals.


Full Course


8 week access

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Professional Guidance for Self-Help Health

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